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Record-breaking apple harvest coming up in Poland

The apple harvest in Poland may turn out to be a huge one this year, which would in turn lead to ultra-low prices for processing fruit for juice manufacture. Local media reports Witold Boguta, president of the board of Poland’s National Union of Fruit Producers’ Groups and vegetables, has told them the hail caused no losses to the crops. On top of that, the hot and long summer caused an...

Read more20.07.2018
EU and Japan sign trade deal

On Tuesday, the European Union and Japan signed a huge free trade deal that cuts or eliminates tariffs on nearly all goods. The agreement covers 600 million people and almost a third of the global economy. It's also a major endorsement of a global trading system that is under increasing threat from protectionism. The agreement will remove tariffs on European exports such as cheese and wine. Japanese...

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Jamaica wants to diversify and boost its agricultural production

To reduce the cost of imported products and enhance food security, the Government of Jamaica plans to continue the transformation of the agricultural sector towards greater product diversification and increased volumes.

The Ministry of Agriculture plans to intensify its product diversification program. Notably by using for other agricultural products the land where the sugar...

Read more20.07.2018
Exports (apples, kiwis, avocados) to the Indian market are expanding

In India, a growing demand for high quality fruits combined with lower import duties for Chilean products is allowing Chilean exports to grow rapidly.

Recently India has announced higher tariffs on apples from the United States which were the main source of imports. But in the India-Chile Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA), tariff cuts are planned. This has increased shipments...

Read more20.07.2018
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