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23.02.2024: Connecting people with living green for healthier cities

23.02.2024: Protect your greenhouse or nursery business and your employees

23.02.2024: Ethiopian Cargo delivers 250M stems of flowers for Valentine’s Day

23.02.2024: Spotted Lanternfly reveals a potential weakness

22.02.2024: China inks currency swap agreements with over 40 foreign counterparts

22.02.2024: Plants’ unlikely defense against climate change: different leaf structures

22.02.2024: Philippines: Climate-controlled tulip farm in Asia blooms

22.02.2024: India: Karnataka region exported over 12 tons of roses

22.02.2024: UK: Industry, government, and science work together to protect plant health

21.02.2024: Losses pile up for Jhenaidah flower growers

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